#1 - 11 Box NFL Mixer PYT (10/24 Break)

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Each Box contains One Freshman Fabric Signature, One Additional Autograph, Two Memorabilia Cards, Ten Inserts, and Two Rookies or Rookie Parallels!

A cornerstone of the Hobby, Certified Football returns with both classic and brand-new inserts for the 2021 season.

Chase Rookie Patch Autographs of the top rookies from the deep 2021 NFL Draft Class with Freshman Fabric Signatures. Featuring Jumbo Swatches and a classic design, Freshman Fabric Signatures has become a staple of the hobby.

Be on the look out for these brand-new inserts in Certified 2021: SSP Certified Air, SSP Certified Ground, Dark Horses, Canton Certified Signatures, Pieces of the Game & Pieces of the Game Signatures

Chase unique memorabilia in Pieces of the game and Pieces of the Game Signatures, featuring oversized patches and unique Die-Cuts, Pieces of the Game is sure to be a fan favorite.

Find one Freshman Fabric Signature in every box!


BASE: Collect this 100-card Base set, featuring the best players in the NFL.

- Mirror #'d/299
- Mirror Bronze #'d/249
- Mirror Pink #'d/199
- Mirror Orange #'d/149
- Mirror Red #'d/99
- Mirror Blue #'d/75
- Mirror Teal #'d/50
- Mirror Gold #'d/25
- Mirror Purple #'d/10
- Mirror Green #'d/5
- Mirror Black One-of-One

FRESHMAN FABRIC MIRROR SIGNATURES: Look for one Freshman Fabric Mirror Signature in every box, on average. With Team Logos, Nameplates and One-of-One NFL Shields, Certified gives collectors a chance to get their hands on the top rookies from the 2021 draft class.

- Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures Max #'d/499
- Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures Bronze Max #'d/349
- Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures Pink Max #'d/299
- Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures Orange Max #'d/249
- Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures Red Max #'d/199
- Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures Blue Max #'d/99
- Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures Teal Max #'d/50
- Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures Gold Max #'d/25
- Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures Purple Max #'d/10
- Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures Green Max #'d/5
- Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures Black Oneof-One

ROOKIES: Look for all the best rookies of 2021 in this 100-card set

- Rookies Mirror #'d/299
- Rookies Mirror Bronze #'d/249
- Rookies Mirror Pink #'d/199
- Rookies Mirror Orange #'d/149
- Rookies Mirror Red #'d/99
- Rookies Mirror Blue #'d/75
- Rookies Mirror Teal #'d/50
- Rookies Mirror Gold #'d/25
- Rookies Mirror Purple #'d/10
- Rookies Mirror Green #'d/5
- Rookies Mirror Black One-of-One

PIECES OF THE GAME SIGNATURES: New to Certified in 2021 Pieces of the Game offers collectors a chance to get their hands on some Unique Memorabilia, collectors can find memorabilia of Footballs, Gloves and Jerseys from some of the biggest names in football in this unique auto set.

- Pieces of the Game Signature Max #'d/199
- Pieces of the Game Signature Red Max #'d/99
- Pieces of the Game Signature Teal Max #'d/50
- Pieces of the Game Signature Gold Max #'d/25
- Pieces of the Game Signature Purple Max #'d/10
- Pieces of the Game Signature Green Max #'d/5
- Pieces of the Game Signature Black One-of-One

CANTON CERTIFIED SIGNATURES: A brand new autograph set in Certified 2021, Canton Certified Signatures gives collectors a chance to get their hands on NFL royalty, with a checklist made up of Hall of Fame players.

- Canton Certified Signatures Max #'d/149
- Canton Certified Signatures Mirror Red Max #'d/99
- Canton Certified Signatures Mirror Blue Max #'d/75
- Canton Certified Signatures Mirror Teal Max #'d/50
- Canton Certified Signatures Mirror Gold Max #'d/25
- Canton Certified Signatures Mirror Purple Max #'d/10
- Canton Certified Signatures Mirror Green Max #'d/5
- Canton Certified Signatures Mirror Black One-ofOne

MIRROR SIGNATURES: With a deep 100-card checklist, this autograph set will have a player to collect for everyone!

- Mirror Signatures Max #'d/299
- Mirror Signatures Bronze Max #'d/249
- Mirror Signatures Pink Max #'d/199
- Mirror Signatures Orange Max #'d/149
- Mirror Signatures Red Max #'d/99
- Mirror Signatures Blue Max #'d/75
- Mirror Signatures Teal Max #'d/50
- Mirror Signatures Gold Max #'d/25
- Mirror Signatures Purple Max #'d/10
- Mirror Signatures Green Max #'d/5
- Mirror Signatures Black One-of-One

DARK HORSES: A new insert for 2021, Dark Horses delivers a cool design and deep checklist for some of the top contenders for the ultimate honors in football.

- Dark Horses
- Dark Horses Mirror Bronze #'d/249
- Dark Horses Mirror Pink #'d/199
- Dark Horses Mirror Orange #'d/149
- Dark Horses Mirror Red #'d/99
- Dark Horses Mirror Blue #'d/75
- Dark Horses Mirror Teal #'d/50
- Dark Horses Mirror Gold #'d/25
- Dark Horses Mirror Purple #'d/10
- Dark Horses Mirror Green #'d/5
- Dark Horses Mirror Black One-of-One

CERTIFIED AIR: Hunt for this brand new SSP Insert, guaranteed to deliver, Certified Air will highlight the best players getting it done through the air.

SCORING MACHINES: Back Again, Scoring machines utilizes a 90's style to highlight some of the most prolific scorers in the NFL, Hunt for this SSP insert.

10 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack


Configuration: 1 pack per box. 5 cards per pack.

- One of the most unique products of the year Elements football combines metal cards, patch autographs and on-card autographs to create one of the most sought-after products!
- Look for one on-card metal autograph per box! Chase on-card autographs from all the top 2021 NFL prospects including Trevor Lawrence, Trey Lance, DeVonta Smith and many more!
- Find 1 memorabilia card per box on average. Memorabilia cards include Supercharged, Electric and Team Chemistry!
- New in 2021 chase the SUPER short print insert Nuclear. This short print insert will be printed on metal and feature only the top players the NFL has to offer.
- Hunt for on-card autographs from veterans and retired NFL stars in Mettle Moments, Heavy Metal and Steel Signatures.

- 1 Base or Rookie Metal
- 1 Base or Rookie Metal Parallel
- 1 On-Card Metal Autograph
- 1 Other Auto
- 1 Memorabilia


Each Box contains One Autograph or Patch Autograph, One Memorabilia Card, One Parallel #'d to 60 or less, One Base, and One Printing Plate!

Find 1 Printing Plate, 1 Autograph or Patch Autograph, 1 Memorabilia, 1 Parallel (#'d /60 or less), and 1 Base card per box on average! * Look for Rookie Patch Autographs from all the top rookies in the NFL, including Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Jonathan Taylor! * Hunt for on-card autographs in Marquee Marks, Leaps and Bounds, Rookie Upper Echelon, Highly Revered and Mystic Marks! * Search for oversized patch cards in Full Coverage and Double Coverage, also find multi-swatch memorabilia cards in Rookie Reflections, Patch Trios and Supreme Swatches.

Collect Rookie Cards of Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Tua Tagovailoa, Jonathan Taylor, and Many More!


BASE: Look for all the best talent the NFL has to offer with a 100-card base set, which is #'d to 99!


- Orange #'d/75
- Blue #'d/60
- Purple #'d/35
- Green #'d/25
- Red #'d/10
- Gold One-of-One

ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPH GREEN: Look for oversized patches in Rookie Patch Autographs, which include all of the top rookies the NFL has to offer!


- Rookie Patch Autographs #'d/99
- Rookie Patch Autographs Blue #'d/50
- Rookie Patch Autographs Purple #'d/25
- Rookie Patch Autographs Green #'d/10
- Rookie Patch Autographs Gold One-of-One

ROOKIE REFLECTIONS PURPLE: Hunt for these Dual Memorabilia cards, featuring the top rookies of the 2020 NFL Draft. Also look for the Rare Autograph parallels!


- Rookie Reflections Max #'d/99
- Rookie Reflections Blue Max #'d/50
- Rookie Reflections Signatures Purple Max #'d/35
- Rookie Reflections Signatures Green Max #'d/15
- Rookie Reflections Signatures Gold One-of-One

MARQUEE MARKS RED: Hunt for on-card autographs in Marquee Marks, which highlights some of the most talented players in NFL history


- Marquee Marks Max #'d/99
- Marquee Marks Orange Max #'d/75
- Marquee Marks Blue Max #'d/50
- Marquee Marks Purple Max #'d/30
- Marquee Marks Green Max #'d/20
- Marquee Marks Red Max #'d/10
- Marquee Marks Gold One-of-One

LEAPS AND BOUNDS BLUE: Chase high-flying action photographs paired with on-card autographs in Leaps and Bounds, which features some of the most athletic and explosive players in the NFL!

- Leaps and Bounds Max #'d/99
- Leaps and Bounds Orange Max #'d/75
- Leaps and Bounds Blue Max #'d/50
- Leaps and Bounds Purple Max #'d/ 30
- Leaps and Bounds Green Max #'d/20
- Leaps and Bounds Red Max #'d/10
- Leaps and Bounds Gold One-of-One

HIGHLY REVERED PURPLE: New to Plates & Patches in 2020, Highly Revered features on-card autographs of some of the best players, past or present, in the NFL.


- Highly Revered Max #'d/99
- Highly Revered Orange Max #'d/75
- Highly Revered Blue Max #'d/50
- Highly Revered Purple Max #'d/30
- Highly Revered Green Max #'d/20
- Highly Revered Red Max #'d/10
- Highly Revered Gold One-of-One

ROOKIE UPPER ECHELON GOLD: Get your hands on this On-Card Autograph set, featuring the best rookies from the 2020 draft class!


- Rookie Upper Echelon Max #'d/99
- Rookie Upper Echelon Orange Max #'d/75
- Rookie Upper Echelon Blue Max #'d/50
- Rookie Upper Echelon Purple Max #'d/30
- Rookie Upper Echelon Green Max #'d/20
- Rookie Upper Echelon Red Max #'d/10
- Rookie Upper Echelon Gold One-of-One

PATCH TRIOS: Hunt for Patch Trio memorabilia cards, which include 3 different prime pieces of memorabilia from this year's amazing rookie class!.

- Patch Trios Max #'d/99
- Patch Trios Orange Max #'d/75
- Patch Trios Blue Max #'d/50
- Patch Trios Purple Max #'d25
- Patch Trios Red Max #'d/10
- Patch Trios Gold One-of-One

FULL COVERAGE GOLD: Collect this unique rookie memorabilia set, featuring full-card swatches and full-body silhouettes of the top rookies in the game.

- Full Coverage Max #'d/99
- Full Coverage Orange Max #'d/75
- Full Coverage Blue Max #'d/25
- Full Coverage Purple Max #'d/10
- Full Coverage Red Max #'d/5
- Full Coverage Gold One-of-One

1 Pack Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack

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