#1 - Illusions 2019 4 Box PYT Break

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**CARDINALS, GIANTS and REDSKINS will be final filler teams, unavailable to be purchased**

This is a 4 Box Break


 What is a filler?

  • The above teams are unavailable for purchase.  To have a chance to WIN any team above, you must join the live video or keep and eye out on my instagram for a scheduled "filler post" and enter the final filler.  This is where I take all teams that remain unpurchased + the above teams, take their total value and divide by total teams.  This gives you the average of all remaining teams.  

    One buy in, average cost of all remaining teams.  After the filler is full, we randomize the buyers  Whoever lands 1st gets 1st pick off all remaining teams plus the teams above.  2nd gets 2nd pick and so on and so forth until all teams are chosen.


What Ships?

  • All ship


    2019 Panini Illusions Football Hobby Box

    Each Box contains One Autographed Memorabilia Card, Two Autographed Cards (One in a Silver-Wrapped Box Topper), and Two Memorabilia Cards!

    Find Six Base Parallels, Three Insert Parallels, and Five Inserts Per Box!

    Illusions Football returns in 2019 with an evolved look and feel! Find the newest NFL rookies, the biggest stars and a variety of autograph and memorabilia content you can only find in Illusions!

    Look for all-new autograph inserts Stadium Legends and Superlatives!

    Find autographs of the top players of the 2019 NFL Rookie Class in Rookie Signs, First Impressions Autographed Memorabilia, and Rookie Endorsements!

    New for 2019: Chase super short-printed parallels featuring vivid patterns! Trophy Collection Wild Card, Division, Conference and Super Bowl parallels combine to fall one-per-inner case, on average!

    Look for Rookie Cards of Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones, Gardner Minshew II, DK Metcalf, Dwayne Haskins, Josh Jacobs, Marquise Brown, T.J. Hockenson, and David Montgomery!


    BASE: Find a 100-card base set, featuring veterans and new rookies.

    - Trophy Collection Gold - #'d/399
    - Trophy Collection Blue - #'d/229
    - Trophy Collection Green - #'d/99
    - Trophy Collection Pink - #'d/75
    - Trophy Collection Red - #'d/50
    - Trophy Collection Black - #'d/25
    - Trophy Collection Purple - #'d/1

    FIRST IMPRESSIONS MEMORABILIA AUTOGRAPHS PURPLE: 2019 NFL Rookies make their First Impression on Illusions in this RPA.

    - First Impressions Autograph Memorabilia - max #'d/299
    - First Impressions Autograph Memorabilia Blue - max #'d/99
    - First Impressions Autograph Memorabilia Red - max #'d/50
    - First Impressions Autograph Memorabilia Black - #'d/25
    - First Impressions Autograph Memorabilia Bronze - #'d/10
    - First Impressions Autograph Memorabilia Purple - #'d/1

    BASE TROPHY COLLECTION WILD CARD: New in 2019, chase a special short-printed variety of parallels that feature a current player paired with a legend!

    - Trophy Collection Wild Card - #'d/12
    - Trophy Collection Division - #'d/7
    - Trophy Collection Conference - #'d/5
    - Trophy Collection Super Bowl - #'d/1

    ROOKIE ENDORSEMENTS PURPLE: Every box of Illusions delivers one card encased in a one touch! Look for Rookie Endorsements, signed with different ink colors for each parallel!

    - Rookie Endorsements - max #'d/150
    - Rookie Endorsements Blue - max #'d/99
    - Rookie Endorsements Red - max #'d/50
    - Rookie Endorsements Green - #'d/10
    - Rookie Endorsements Purple - #'d/1

    HIGHLIGHT SWATCHES BLACK: On average, every box of Illusions delivers three autographs and two memorabilia cards. Look for new inserts such as Highlight Swatches, which features some of the biggest stars of the NFL!

    - Highlight Swatches Red - max #'d/50
    - Highlight Swatches Black - max #'d/25
    - Highlight Swatches Bronze - #'d/10
    - Highlight Swatches Purple - #'d/1

    STADIUM LEGENDS GREEN: Find the all-new Stadium Legends autograph set that showcases players who made history at their home stadiums!

    - Stadium Legends - max #'d/99
    - Stadium Legends Green - max #'d/50
    - Stadium Legends Red - max #'d/35
    - Stadium Legends Black - max #'d/25
    - Stadium Legends Bronze - max #'d/10
    - Stadium Legends Purple - #'d/1

    ASTOUNDING: Unwrap 5 inserts per box, on average! Each insert contains the following parallels:

    - Gold #'d/399
    - Blue #'d/299
    - Green #'d/149
    - Red #'d/50
    - Black #'d/25
    - Purple #'d/1

    MYSTIQUE AUTOGRAPHS GREEN: Look for rare autographed versions of Mystique, Clear Shots, Shining Stars and more!

    - Instinct Autographs - max #'d/25
    - Instinct Autographs Green - max #'d/10
    - Instinct Autographs Purple - #'d/1

    10 Packs Per Box, 5 CardsPer Pack

    ** All cards are randomly inserted across the production and are not guaranteed in any individual pack, box, or case. This product may contain redemptions that expire 18 months after product release and/or rewards points with no expiration that take the place of an autograph, memorabilia, or insert hit.


    The customer will receive all cards with their team name printed on the main image of the card from that particular team. In the event of card being a hit containing 2 or more players from different teams, Random.org will be used to randomize that card between the associated teams!

    In the event of a player being in an All-Star/Pro Bowl/ Collegiate  uniform or All-Star/Pro Bowl team/Collegiate printed as the team on the card, the breaker will look on groupbreakchecklist.com to find out which team that player belongs to.  If that player is not on groupbreakchecklist.com then we will go by longest tenured team that player was on.

    Any card that has two players on it that is NOT NUMBERED will go to the breaker who owns the team represented by the player on the left.

    A card that IS NUMBERED with multiple players on it will be randomized between the breakers who bought each team represented on the card.

    International Shipping

    Shipping internationally is simple and there are two options:

    1. Pay nothing and get everything shipped FOR FREE the next 15th of the month (or whichever 15th day is closer on the calendar)
    2. Pay $10 and have your cards shipped in our next regular shipment
    • After you pay $10, for each break after the initial $10 is paid, if you want those cards in the next shipment you must pay an additional $2.50

    To select which option you would like to use, please see the check boxes above.