#1 - NBA 5 - BOX MIXER PYT: Recon + Onyx (11/8 Break)

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      By purchasing a spot below you are GUARANTEED either cards from the break or a pack of cards! Everyone will receive something whether that is cards from your team or a pack of sports cards!

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      • Configuration: 10 packs per box. 6 cards per pack.

        - Brand new to 2020-21, Recon makes its debut, featuring a large selection of autograph, insert and parallel content!
        - Find 10 base parallels in each box such as Holo, Holo Spiral, Holo Pink, Holo Bronze, Hold Red(#’d/199), Holo Blue (#’d/99), Holo Purple(#’d/49). Holo Gold(#’d/10), Hold Green (#’d/5), and Holo Platinum(#’d/1)!
        - Look for autographs from the top NBA rookies, veterans and legends in Recon boxes! Look for 2 autographs in each box!
        - Maneuvers, Rookie Review, Future Legends, Rock the Rim, Rookie Recon, Scouting Reports, Eyes on the Prize, and Sky’s the Limit can all be found as each box contains 10 inserts or insert parallels!

        BOX BREAK:
        - 2 Autographs
        - 10 Base Parallels
        - 10 Inserts or Insert Parallels


        • Inside The Box:

          - 2 on-card autographs

          Product Configuration:

          - 4 cards per pack

          - 1 pack per box

        • Product details

          - Steph Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and more!

          - 2021 1st Round Draft picks galore

          - ROY Candidate Tyrese Haliburton

          - Big Time Basketball Legends

          - Women's Basketball Future Star Sabrina Ionescu and MVP Candace Parker

          - Autographed Memorabilia Redemption for 2021 #1 Overall Basketball Pick

          - Limited inscription cards!

          - All on-card Autographs. No stickers.

          Parallel Autograph Sets:

          - Blue Parallel Autographs

          - Green Parallel Signatures: Numbered to 50

          - Red Parallel Signatures: Numbered to 25

          - Black Parallel Signatures: Numbered to 5

          - Rare Inscription Signed Cards

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