#2 - 2015 Bowman Inception 4 Box HALF CASE RT (9/22 Break)

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  • 2015 Bowman Inception Baseball Box Break

    • 4 Autographs
    • 1 Autographed Relic
    • 5 Total Cards

Bowman Inception Autographs are a case hit. These mash-up the filtered photo look of Inception with the 2015 Bowman Baseball design. In addition to base versions, there are Orange (#/25), Red (#/5) and Black (1/1) parallels.

New to 2015 Bowman Inception Baseball are Inception Origins Autographs (#/25). Using their own design, the checklist for these include not only rookies and prospects, but select veterans as well.

The cross-brand Bowman Black Collection (#/25) continues along with its Red (#/5) parallels.

Although basic autographs focus on getting signatures directly on the card, autographed memorabilia cards use stickers. This is similar to past Inception releases. Autograph Relics combine an autograph and a game-used jersey swatch. There are also Autograph Jumbo Patch cards that have bigger swatches from premium part of the jersey. Both of these have multiple numbered parallels.

New Quad Auto Relic Book cards (#/10) have autographs and jersey swatches from four different players.

Among the rarities in 2015 Bowman Inception Baseball are Autograph Logo Patch (1/1) and Autograph Letter Book (#/2) cards. The product also has new Future Stars Autograph Relics (1/1) that use the stars from 2014 Futures Game jerseys.

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