#2 -- 2018/19 Impeccable Basketball Hit Draft

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2018/19 Panini Impeccable Basketball (Breaks on release 2/20)

Every Box of 2018/19 Impeccable contains Five Autographs PLUS One Blind-Wrapped Silver Logo, Gold Logo, Stainless Stars, or Stainless Stars Autograph!

Look for the return of the super-rare and highly sought-after 1/2 Troy Ounce Gold and one Ounce Silver Bar cards!

Collect the popular autograph numbers cards in Stats Autographs, Jersey Numbers Autographs, Championships Autographs, Points Autographs, Rebounds Autographs, and Assists Autographs all numbered to specific statistical achievements!

Rookie Jersey Autographs are back, featuring the 2018 NBA Draft Class with prime swatches, limited to 99 copies or less!

Find Stainless Stars inserts and Stainless Stars Autographs, including Gold versions (#'d/10), and Platinum versions (one-of-one)!

Every autograph in Impeccable Basketball is signed on-card!


SILVER NBA LOGO/STAINLESS STARS AUTOGRAPHS GOLD/GOLD NBA LOGO: Each box will receive one of the following: NBA Silver logo, featuring one troy ounce of silver, NBA Gold Logo, featuring 1/2 troy ounce of gold, Stainless Stars, Stainless Stars Autographs, Stainless Stars Autographs Gold, and Stainless Stars Autographs Platinum!

ELEGANCE VETERAN JERSEY AUTOGRAPHS HOLO SILVER/ELEGANCE VETERAN JERSEY AUTOGRAPHS HOLO SILVER/ELEGANCE RETIRED JERSEY AUTOGRAPHS HOLO GOLD: Collect Elegance Jersey Autographs any way you want--rookies, veterans, or legends! Look for Holo versions of each, all #'d/99 copies or less!

IMPECCABLE POINTS AUTOGRAPHS/IMPECCABLE STATS AUTOGRAPHS: Impeccable numbers autographs have become some of the most collected and sought-after on-card autographs in the Hobby! Look for different versions highlighting benchmark numbers in the careers of veterans and legends-- all numbered to those specific achievements!

1 Pack Per Box, 9 Cards Per Pack


The customer will receive the card they choose after the randomization and drafting is done.

9 spots $78/spot

First, I open the box to show all the cards. Then I random all 9 in the break.  Whoever lands first gets first overall draft pick, 2nd gets second pick and so on and so forth until we have 0 cards left. If there are any extra cards I will random that card up to ALL 9 buyers.

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