#2 - Immaculate Soccer 2019 Hit Draft

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5 spots will be able to be purchased (6 cards in the break).  After the break is full, we will start opening the box

  • We open the box and show all the cards
  • After the box is opened, we then randomize the buyers
  • Whoever lands 1st will get 1st overall pick of the cards that came out of the box
    • 2nd gets 2nd overall pick
    • 3rd gets 3rd overall pick
    • 4th gets 4th overall pick
    • 5th gets 5th overall pick
      • 5th place will also get the LAST REMAINING CARD and his/her choice to have the Immaculate Tin Box shipped to them



    2018/19 Panini Immaculate Soccer Hobby Box

    Each Box contains Five Autographs and/or Memorabilia Cards!

    The 2018-19 edition of Immaculate Collection Soccer will feature a wide assortment of both club and national teams from around the world. With club teams such as FC Barcelona and Juventus and national teams such as Brazil and Italy, among others, the Collection will include the world's most popular players!

    Look for several types of autograph patch cards, the bedrock of the Immaculate Collection brand. Collectors will find the world's most desirable players in the Patch Autographs, Premium Patch Autographs, and Dual Patch Autographs inserts.

    The 2018-19 Immaculate Collection will include a wide variety of soccer memorabilia: from pieces of jerseys, shorts, and socks, to swatches of goalie gloves and soccer boots!

    New for 2019 are the Soccer Swatch Signatures. With a piece of soccer ball material that has been signed by the featured player embedded in the card, these beautiful cards are sure to be highly sought-after!

    Two new additions to Immaculate Collection Soccer: Autographed Booklets and Patch Autographed Booklets. No one does booklet cards better than Panini, and these stunning horizontal booklets will not disappoint!


    BASE SET: Printed on thick, 96-point cardstock and numbered, each Immaculate Collection Soccer Base Card will be highly collectible! The 100-card Base Set will be numbered to only 65, with three parallels:

    - Base Set Sapphire (#'d/25)
    - Base Set Gold (#'d/10)
    - Base Set Platinum (#'d/1)

    SUPERIOR SWATCH SIGNATURES SAPPHIRE: Superior Swatch Signatures highlight 10 select players of superior pedigree, and four versions are available:

    - Superior Swatch Signatures (Max #'d/50)
    - Superior Swatch Signatures Sapphire (Max #'d/25)
    - Superior Swatch Signatures Gold (Max #'d/10)
    - Superior Swatch Signatures Platinum (#'d/1)

    PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Patch Autographs are a staple of Panini's Immaculate Collection! The lineup for the 2018-19 Soccer edition:

    - Patch Autographs (Max #'d/99)
    - Patch Autographs Sapphire (Max #'d/25)
    - Patch Autographs Gold (Max #'d/10)
    - Patch Autographs Platinum (#'d/1)
    - Patch Autographs Jersey Number (#'d/Player's Jersey #)

    SOCCER SWATCH SIGNATURES: Watch for eye-catching Soccer Swatch Signatures cards that each house a piece of soccer ball material that has been hand-signed! There are four versions to collect:

    - Soccer Swatch Signatures (Max #'d/40)
    - Soccer Swatch Signatures Sapphire (Max #'d/ 25)
    - Soccer Swatch Signatures Gold (Max #'d/10)
    - Soccer Swatch Signatures Platinum (#'d/1)

    MOMENTS: Moments autograph cards commemorate special moments in the careers of 20 of the best soccer players, both past and present. Only one version of this set is available, with all cards numbered to 10. Other autograph sets with all cards numbered to 25 or less include Milestones, Celebration Signatures, Historical Significance, Spanning Time, and Champions.

    QUAD PATCH SIGNATURES: 018-19 Immaculate Collection Soccer includes three one-of-one autograph insert sets that comprise 100 special cards:

    - Quad Patch Signatures (#'d/1)
    - Logo Signatures (#'d/1)
    - Tag Autographs (#'d/1)

    SNEAK PEEK: With each card featuring a huge piece of a match-used soccer boot, the striking Sneak Peek cards won't sneak past collectors. There aren't very many, however, as all of them are one-of-ones!

    TEAM CRESTS: Team Crests leads a lineup of insert sets that feature jumbo pieces of memorabilia filling up nearly all of the space on the cards! Look for:

    - Team Crests (Max #'d/10)
    - Jersey Numbers (Max #'d/50)
    - Nameplate Nobility (Max #'d/15)
    - Jumbo Gloves (Max #'d/50)

    BRAND LOGOS: Search for four types of one-of-one memorabilia cards in boxes of Immaculate Soccer:

    - Brand Logos (#'d/1)
    - Laundry Tags (#'d/1)
    - Dual Laundry Tags (#'d/1)
    - Sneak Peek (#'d/1)

    AUTOGRAPHED BOOKLETS/PATCH AUTOGRAPHED BOOKLETS: Search for special Autographed Booklets and Patch Autographed Booklets that showcase some of the best players of the past and present in stunning booklet form! Both of these insert sets are max numbered to 50, with a one-of-one parallel edition.

    1 Pack Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack


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