#2 - Impeccable Basketball Left Side Serial Number Break (SINGLE BOX - 3/17 Break w/ D Bo)

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  • $12.50 per spot
  • 99 spots
  • Each spot gets a number 1-99
  • If a redemption is pulled we randomize it to the buyers who DID NOT GET A CARD in the break
    • after we randomize all 99 spots, whichever number you land next to is yous
    • if you land on 45
      • you get any cards with the whole number 45 on the left side of the slash
      • 45/50...45/55...45/75...45/80...45/90
    • if you land on 1
      • you get 1/1...1/5...1/10...1/15...1/20...

    2019/20 Panini Impeccable Basketball Hobby Box

    Each Box contains Five Autographs!

    Find One Silver NBA Logo, Gold NBA Logo, Silver Draft Logo, Silver HOF Logo or Stainless Stars card per box, on average!

    Pull Elegance Rookie Jersey Autographs that feature an on-card autograph and prime memorabilia swatch! Look for Elegance Rookie Jersey Autographs that feature some of the best and brightest stars of the 2019 NBA Draft!

    Look for rare, unique cards sequentially numbered to a player's jersey number, All-Star appearances and various statistics! Chase lots of short-printed autographs sequentially numbered to an assortment of unique quantities!

    Chase new autograph inserts in Canvas Creations and Extravagance Autographs! Look for an artistic flair in this new autograph insert!

    Find new inserts that feature the NBA Draft and Basketball Hall of Fame logos emblazoned on an ounce of .999 pure silver!

    Relive some of the NBA's top game-winning shots in the Impeccable Victoey Signatures autograph set!

    Pull Stainless Stars inserts of the best present and future legends the NBA has to offer!

    Collect Rookie Cards of Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, R.J. Barrett, Cam Reddish, Rui Hachimura, P.J. Washington, D'Andre Hunter, Darius Garland, Tyler Herro, Jarrett Culver, Coby White, and Jaxson Hayes!

    1 Pack Per Box, 9 Cards Per Pack

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