2019 Limited Football (PERSONAL BREAK)

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**This is a personal break.  This means that upon purchase, this box will be opened live on Instagram during our afternoon hour.

  • Instagram: @1_of_1_card_shop
  • Personal Break Times: 1pm-5:30pm Eastern
  • Will be with D Bo

Configuration: 3 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

- Limited Football returns for 2019! Find two autographs & one memorabilia card per box.
- Each box features one Rookie Patch Autograph or Rookie Patch Autographs Variations.
- Find on-card autographs from these sets: Rookie Patch Autographs, Rookie Patch Autographs Variations and Ring of Honor.
- Look for Draft Day Signature Booklets, which contain a piece from the actual jersey held on stage at the 2019 NFL Draft!
- Look for these booklet card sets: Draft Day Signature Booklets, Partnership Duals Booklets and Quad Signature Booklet!

- 2 Autographs
- 1 Memorabilia Card 

** All cards are randomly inserted across the production and are not guaranteed in any individual pack, box, or case. This product may contain redemptions that expire 18 months after product release and/or rewards points with no expiration that take the place of an autograph, memorabilia, or insert hit.