2019 Mosaic Cello Box (PERSONAL BREAK)

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**This is a personal break.  This means that upon purchase, this box will be opened live on instagram during our afternoon hour.

  • Instagram: @1_of_1_card_shop
  • Personal Break Times: 1pm-5:30pm Eastern
  • Will be with D Bo


Mosaic is back with an expanded release this year! Find a larger base set, with an incredible variety of photography, inserts, and parallels!


The base set includes the following: Vets/Retired (200 cards) Rookies (50 cards), Team USA (10 cards), NBA Debut (20 cards), Hall of Fame (15 cards), and MVP’s (5 cards)—this allows for maximum use of the top NBA players and the 2019-20 NBA Rookie Class

-Find 1 Mosaic Parallel, at least 1 insert, and 3 Mosaic Camo Pink parallel cards per Multi Pack!

-Find randomly inserted retail-exclusive autograph cards of top players around the league, current and retired, in the Scripts and Rookie Scripts set!

-Look for retail exclusive insert content in Will to Win, Give and Go, and Jam Masters!


Retail-Exclusive Parallels: Mosaic Green, Mosaic Genesis

Cello Pack Exclusive Parallels: Mosaic Camo Pink, Mosaic Blue Fluorescent