2019 Prizm NBA Cello Pack(PERSONAL BREAK)

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**This is a personal break.  This means that upon purchase, this box will be opened live on instagram during our afternoon hour.

  • Instagram: @1_of_1_card_shop
  • Personal Break Times: 1pm-5:30pm Eastern

 Look for Zion Williamson Rookie blasters!

Find 2019-20 Prizms Silver—the most sought after rookie card in the industry!
Multi Packs are the only place to find Prizms Red White and Blue!
Look for Retail Exclusive Green Prizms and a full roster of insert sets!
Find Penmanship Prizms Silver and Rookie Penmanship Prizms Silver autograph cards!Also Included: Base Prizms Green, Penmanship, Penmanship Prizms Silver, Rookie Penmanship, Rookie Penmanship Prizms Silver, Instant Impact, Instant Impact Prizms Silver, Instant Impact Prizms Green, Emergent, Emergent Prizms Silver, Emergent Prizms Green, Get Hyped!, Get Hyped! Prizms Silver, Get Hyped! Prizms Green, Dominance, Dominance Prizms Silver, Dominance Prizms Green, NBA Finalists, NBA Finalists Prizms Silver, NBA Finalists Prizms Green.

Each Multi Pack Delivers:

3 Prizms Red White and Blue

1 Prizms Silver (minimum)

1 Insert