#24 - XR Football 3 Box PYT Breaks (4/5 Break)

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Quickly becoming a fan favorite, XR delivers again in 2020! Each case will pack a one-of-one Patch Autograph, on average!

Find some the most unique one-of-one patch autos of the 2020 season. Find autographs that feature NFL Shields, Nike patches, team logos, draft hats, shoes, gloves and footballs.

Each box includes 2 autos and 1 memorabilia card, on average. One of your autographs is guaranteed to be a Rookie Autograph Jersey and the other will be either a rookie, veteran, or retired autograph. Each box will also have 1 insert, 4 parallels, 4 base and 2 rookies. 

Search for 1/1 NFL Shields of some of the top players in the NFL!

Look for new memorabilia Inserts like X-Ray Swatches, Summit Swatches and Vortex Materials.

Look for: 


The XR Base set is one of the best looking sets of the year and features a sleek, dull holographic card stock. XR features a 100-card set with color parallels dropping all the way down to One-of-Ones.


  • Base
  • Base Red #’d/249
  • Base Blue #’d/199
  • Base Orange #’d/99
  • Base White #’d/75
  • Base Teal #’d/49
  • Base Gold #’d/10
  • Base Green #’d/5
  • Base Black One-of-One
  • Base Printing Plates One-of-Ones


Fastly becoming an industry favorite, Rookie Swatch Autographs features 17 unique 1-of-1s along with multiple color parallels. With a checklist featuring the top rookies of the 2020 NFL Draft, Rookie Swatch Autographs is sure to be a hit among all collectors.


  • Rookie Swatch Autographs max #’d/199
  • Rookie Swatch Autographs Red max #’d/75
  • Rookie Swatch Autographs Blue max #’d/49
  • Rookie Swatch Autographs Orange max #’d/25
  • Rookie Swatch Autographs Gold max #’d/10
  • Rookie Swatch Autographs Green max #’d/5
  • Rookie Swatch Autographs - 17 different One-of-Ones


Collect all your favorite rookies of 2020 in this deep 100-player checklist, and keep a eye out for SP color parallels!


  • Rookies
  • Rookies Red #’d/249
  • Rookies Blue #’d/199
  • Rookies Orange #’d/99
  • Rookies White #’d/75
  • Rookies Teal #’d/49
  • Rookies Gold #’d/10
  • Rookies Green #’d/5
  • Rookies Black One-of-One
  • Rookies Printing Plates One-of-Ones


Find numerous triple swatch combinations to deliver even more amazing One-of-Ones!


  • Rookie Triple Swatch Autographs max #’d/199
  • Rookie Triple Swatch Autographs Red max #’d/75
  • Rookie Triple Swatch Autographs Blue max #’d/49
  • Rookie Triple Swatch Autographs Orange max #’d/25
  • Rookie Triple Swatch Autographs White max #’d/15
  • Rookie Triple Swatch Autographs Gold max #’d/10
  • Rookie Triple Swatch Autographs Green max #’d/5
  • Rookie Triple Swatch Autographs - 17 different One-of-Ones


X-Ponential Ink highlights the best young vets in the league. Beautifully designed and SP color parallels make this a set to collect.


  • X-Ponential Ink Max #’d/49
  • X-Ponential Ink Blue Max #’d/25
  • X-Ponential Ink Gold Max #’d/10
  • X-Ponential Ink Green Max #’d/5
  • X-Ponential Ink Black One-of-One
  • X-Ponential Ink Printing Plates One-of-Ones


Find a strong mix of veterans in this true One-of-One NFL Shields set!


A brand new memorabilia set for XR In 2020, Vortex Materials features a unique swatch design and is highlighted by a  checklist, featuring some of the top rookies in the NFL.


  • Vortex Materials Max #’d/99
  • Vortex Materials Blue Max #’d/49
  • Vortex Materials Orange Max #’d/25
  • Vortex Materials Gold Max #’d/10
  • Vortex Materials Green Max #’d/5
  • Vortex Materials Tag One-of-One
  • Vortex Materials Super Prime One-of-One


Luminous Endorsements features 42 of the top rookies from the 2020 rookie class with a stunning acetate autograph! 


  • Luminous Endorsements Max #’d/99
  • Luminous Endorsements Max #’d/49
  • Luminous Endorsements Max #’d/25
  • Luminous Endorsements Max #’d/10
  • Luminous Endorsements Max #’d/5
  • Luminous Endorsements One-of-One


X-Ray Swatches is a brand new memorabilia set to XR this year, it combines unique effects and some of the top rookies in the NFL to create a brand new chase for all collectors.


  • X-Ray Swatches Max #’d/99
  • X-Ray Swatches Blue Max #’d/49
  • X-Ray Swatches Orange Max #’d/25
  • X-Ray Swatches Gold Max #’d/10
  • X-Ray Swatches Green Max #’d/5
  • X-Ray Swatches Tags One-of-One
  • X-Ray Swatches Super Prime One-of-One

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