#3 - 2022 Break King Premium Multisport FULL CASE 3 RANDOM TEAMS (7/8 BREAK)

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Break information below!

There are 32 spots in this break. 

You will be GUARANTEED a team/sport from each column (3 TOTAL TEAMS).  An NFL team + an NBA Team or All Soccer/All Hockey + an MLB Team or All Golf/All NCAA & Anything else! 

All 3 columns of teams will be randomized and whatever 3 teams you land next to, you will receive in the break! 

Hits go to whatever team is on the jersey! No jersey or team name on the card will go the team that the current player is on!

Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Hawks, Arizona Diamondbacks,
Atlanta Falcons, Boston Celtics, Atlanta Braves,
Baltimore Ravens, Brooklyn Nets, Baltimore Orioles,
Buffalo Bills, Charlotte Hornets, Boston Red Sox,
Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Cubs,
Chicago Bears, Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago White Sox,
Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Mavericks, Cincinnati Reds,
Cleveland Browns, Denver Nuggets, Cleveland Guardians
Dallas Cowboys, Detriot Pistons, Colorado Rockies,
Denver Broncos, Golden State Warriors, Detroit Tigers,
Detroit Lions, Houston Rockets, Houston Astros,
Green Bay Packers, Indiana Pacers, Kansas City Royals,
Houston Texans, LA Clippers, Los Angeles Angels,
Indianapolis Colts, LA Lakers, Los Angeles Dodgers,
Jacksonville Jaguars, Memphis Grizzlies, Miami Marlins
Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Heat, Milwaukee Brewers,
Las Vegas Raiders, Milwaukee Bucks, Minnesota Twins,
Los Angeles Chargers, Minnesota Timberwolves, New York Mets,
Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans Pelicans, New York Yankees
Miami Dolphins, New York Knicks, Oakland Athletics,
Minnesota Vikings, Oklahoma City Thunder, Philadelphia Phillies,
New England Patriots Orlando Magic, Pittsburgh Pirates,
New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Sixers, San Diego Padres,
New York Giants, Phoenix Suns, San Francisco Giants,
New York Jets, Portland Trail Blazers, Seattle Mariners,
Philadelphia Eagles, Sacramento Kings, St.Louis Cardinals,
Pittsburgh Steelers, San Antonio Spurs, Tampa Bay Rays,
San Francisco 49ers, Toronto Raptors, Texas Rangers,
Seattle Seahawks, Utah Jazz, Toronto Blue Jays,
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Wizards, Washington Nationals,
Tennessee Titans, Soccer Golf
Washington Commanders Hockey NCAA + Anything Else


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