#3 - 40 BOX BLASTER CASE BREAK Topps Chrome MLB 2023 - (10/4 Break)

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Filler Teams: Diamondbacks and Orioles

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All Cards Ship :)

What does this mean? These two teams are unavailable to purchase.  They will be raffled off (filler team) right before the break. 

  • We take the cost of both teams PLUS remaining teams in the break. 
  • Add those costs and divide by 10. 
  • 10 spots in the filler.
  • If all teams prices left combine to $798 total the filler will be $79 per spot
  • 10 people buy in
  • We then randomize the buyers and will DRAFT the teams in the filler from where you land in the randomizer.  
  • Top spot is obviously best
  • You will draft either D Backs or Orioles


Configuration: 40 boxes per case. 7 packs per box. 4 cards per pack.

  • Possible Autos

  • Possible Case Hits

- Collect the entire 220-card Base Set featuring chrome versions of top players from across Topps Sers 1 and Series 2!
- Look for 2 Exclusive Sepia and 2 Exclusive Pink Refractor Parallels!
- Keep an eye out for Retail Exclusive Chrome Rookie Autographs - Green Refractor Parallels as well as many other vibrant Chrome colored Parallels!

Box Break:
- 2 Sepia Parallels
- 2 Pink Refractors