#3 - Spectra NFL 2021 2 - BOX PYT (12/29 Break)

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2021 Panini Spectra Football has more going for it than simply being a high-end chromium release. Yes, there are lots of autographs and memorabilia cards. But there are also plenty of colorful patterns and big designs that help set it apart from products like Prizm, Select, Optic and more.

On the premium side, there’s an average of both an autograph and a memorabilia card in every pack. For the colorful stuff, parallels like Celestial and Meta bring more than solid, bright colors.

2021 Panini Spectra Football Checklist Overview

The 2021 Spectra Football base set has a mix of veterans and rookies. Like everything in the product, it has metallic looking chromium stock and modern designs. They’re also pretty rare, numbered to just 149.


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