#4 - 2019 Contenders NFL FULL CASE BREAK (1/4 Break)

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**CARDINALS, GIANTS and PATRIOTS will be final filler teams, unavailable to be purchased below**


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    Each Box of 2019 Contenders contains Five Autographs, One Parallel, and 18 Inserts, on average!

    Find One On-Card Autograph Per Box!

    Look for Rookie Ticket Autographs of Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones, Gardner Minshew II, DK Metcalf, Dwayne Haskins, Josh Jacobs, Marquise Brown, T.J. Hockenson, and David Montgomery!

    The iconic Rookie Ticket is back again and features all the top rookies the NFL has to offer, these parallel to Rookie Ticket Stub (max #'d/99), Rookie Playoff Ticket (max #'d /99), Rookie Championship Ticket (max #'d /49), Rookie Cracked Ice Ticket (#'d /23), Rookie Clear Ticket (#'d/10), and Super Bowl Ticket (#'d 1/1).

    Chase Rookie Ticket Variations features unique design elements and unique photography from the standard Rookie Tickets.

    New to 2019 Contenders are the throwback 1998 Rookie Ticket (#'d/20 or less and the 1999 Rookie Ticket (#'d /20 or less)!

    Exclusive to the hobby: Look for Golden and Silver Tickets of the stars and top rookies the NFL has to offer.

    Look for inserts Rookie of the Year Contenders, MVP Contenders, Legendary Contenders, Winning Ticket, and Round Numbers.


    ROOKIE TICKET RPS: One of the most sought-after cards of the year the Rookie Ticket RPS brings a vibrant design with bold on-card autographs of all the top rookies.

    - Rookie Ticket RPS - not #'d
    - Rookie Ticket Stub RPS - max #'d/99
    - Rookie Playoff Ticket RPS - max #'d/99
    - Rookie Championship Ticket RPS - max #'d/49
    - Rookie Cracked Ice Ticket RPS - #'d/23
    - Rookie Clear Ticket - #'d/10
    - Rookie Super Bowl Ticket RPS - one-of-one
    - Rookie Ticket Printing Plate RPS - one-of-ones

    VETERAN TICKET AUTOGRAPH: Find the top players in the NFL in Veteran Ticket Autographs. Players inlcude - Patrick Mahomes II, Baker Mayfield, Ezekiel Elliott, Andrew Luck, Ben Roethlisberger, and many more!

    - Veteran Ticket Autograph - not #'d
    - Veteran Ticket Stub Autograph - max #'d/99
    - Veteran Playoff Ticket - max #'d/99
    - Veteran Championship Ticket - max #'d/49
    - Veteran Cracked Ice Ticket - #'d/23
    - Veteran Super Bowl Ticket - one-of-one
    - Veteran Ticket Printing Plates - one-of-ones

    ROOKIE CLEAR TICKET RPS: Look for the Rookie Clear Ticket RPS autographs, which are printed on clear acetate and include on-card autographs of the top rookies in the NFL!

    - Rookie Clear Ticket RPS - max #'d/10

    GOLDEN TICKET: Hunt for the 14k gold 1/1 Golden Tickets of the top veterans and rookies. Also look for the Silver Tickets, which are limited to only 2 copies.

    MVP CONTENDERS AUTOGRAPHS: Look for the game breakers of the NFL in the MVP Contenders Autograph set.

    - MVP Contenders Autographs - max #'d/49
    - MVP Contenders Autographs Gold - max #'d/10
    - MVP Contenders Autographs Platinum - one-of-one

    ROOKIE OF THE YEAR CONTENDERS AUTOGRAPHS: Find autographs of rookies who are poised for breakout seasons with Rookie of the Year Contenders.

    - Rookie of the Year Contenders Autograph RPS - max #'d/99
    - Rookie of the Year Contenders Autographs Gold RPS - max #'d/10
    - Rookie of the Year Contenders Autographs Platinum RPS - one-of-one

    1998 ROOKIE TICKET RPS: Paying homage to 1998 Contenders Rookie Tickets, these throwback designs feature on-card autographs.

    - 1998 Rookie Ticket RPS - max #'d/20
    - 1998 Rookie Ticket Gold RPS - max #'d/10
    - 1998 Rookie Ticket Platinum RPS - one-of-one

    CONTENDERS TO CANTON AUTOGRAPHS: From one of their first Contenders Tickets to being enshrined in the Hall of Fame, these cards capture both iconic moments.

    - Contenders to Canton Autographs - max #'d/20
    - Contenders to Canton Autographs Gold - max #'d/10
    - Contenders to Canton Autographs Platinum - one-of-one

    VETERAN TICKET AUTOGRAPH: Paying homage to 1999 Contenders Rookie Tickets, these throwback designs feature on-card autographs.

    - 1999 Rookie Ticket RPS - max #'d/20
    - 1999 Rookie Ticket Gold RPS - max #'d/10
    - 1999 Rookie Ticket Platinum RPS - one-of-one

    12 Boxes Per Case, 18 Packs Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack


    The customer will receive all cards with their team name printed on the main image of the card from that particular team. In the event of card being a hit containing 2 or more players from different teams, Random.org will be used to randomize that card between the associated teams!

    In the event of a player being in an All-Star/Pro Bowl/ Collegiate  uniform or All-Star/Pro Bowl team/Collegiate printed as the team on the card, the breaker will look on groupbreakchecklist.com to find out which team that player belongs to.  If that player is not on groupbreakchecklist.com then we will go by longest tenured team that player was on.

    Any card that has two players on it that is NOT NUMBERED will go to the breaker who owns the team represented by the player on the left.

    A card that IS NUMBERED with multiple players on it will be randomized between the breakers who bought each team represented on the card.

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