5 Box Mixer - Origins x4 and NT Collegiate 2018 x1

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Origins Breakdown:

Each Box contains One On-Card Rookie Autograph, One Jumbo Rookie Patch Autograph, and One Jumbo or Patch Memorabilia Card!

Look for Sam Darnold and Saquon Barkley Autographs!

2018 Origins football delivers 1 on-card rookie autograph, one jumbo rookie patch autograph and one jumbo or patch memorabilia card per box on average.

Hunt for the always-popular booklet autograph cards, which include Rookie Booklet Patch Auto, Six-Star Signature Booklet and Rookie Stars Dual Signatures Booklet.

Find on-card rookie autographs from the 2018 NFL Draft Class with Rookie Autographs, Passing Stars, Rushing Stars, Receiving Stars, and Quad Rookie Autographs.

In Passing Stars Signatures, Rushing Stars Signatures and Receiving Stars Signatures look for a limited number of inscribed autographs with some of each player's greatest accomplishments.

Pull one Rookie Jumbo Patch Autographs per box, which parallels to the Red (max #'d /99), Blue (max #'d /49), Turquoise (max #'d /25), Gold (max #'d /10), Green (max #'d /5), and Black Brand Logo (#'d 1/1).

Look for Rookie Cards of Saquon Barkley, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Ronald Jones, Calvin Ridley, Courtland Sutton, Derrius Guice, Christian Kirk, Mason Rudolph, and Dante Pettis!


ROOKIE AUTOGRAPHS: Find bold on-card autographs of the top 2018 NFL Rookies, which parallel to Red (max #'d /99), Blue (max #'d /49), Turquoise (max #'d /25), Gold (max #'d /10), Green (max #'d /5), and Black (#'d 1/1).

 Origins Autographs features a unique design and showcases Bronze Ink (max #'d /99), Silver Ink (max #'d /25), and Gold Ink (max #'d /10) on-card autographs.

PASSING STARS SIGNATURES: Passing, Receiving, and Rushing Stars Signatures will feature on-card autographs. Also hunt for a limited number of inscriptions, which highlight the collegiate careers of the best players in the 2018 NFL Draft.

SIX STAR SIGNATURE BOOKLET: Look for Six-Star Signature Booklet cards, featuring on-card autographs of the top skill position rookies in the NFL.

ROOKIE BOOKLET PATCH AUTO NFL SHIELD BLACK: Find oversized patch autographs in Rookie Booklet Patch Auto (max #'d /49) which parallel to Gold (max #'d /25), Gloves (#'d /2), NFL Shield (#'d 1/1) and Nike Laundry Tag (#'d 1/1).

QUAD ROOKIE AUTOGRAPHS: ind combinations of only the top skill position rookies in Quad Rookie Autographs. These limited on-card autographs will feature the top quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers in the 2018 rookie class.

ROOKIE JUMBO PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Find one Rookie Jumbo Patch Autograph per box, which parallels to Red (max #'d /99), Blue (max #'d /49), Turquoise (max #'d /25), Gold (max #'d /10), Green (max #'d /5), and Black Brand Logo (#'d 1/1).

ROOKIE JUMBO JERSEYS BLACK: Search for oversized jersey in Rookie Jumbo Jerseys, which parallel to Red (max #'d /99), Orange (max #'d /75), Blue (max #'d /49), Turquoise (max #'d /25), Gold (max #'d /10), Green (max #'d 5), and Black (#'d 1/1).

National Treasures Collegiate Breakdown:

Six Autographs or Memorabilia Cards Per Box!

One Base/Parallel Card, Plus One additional card per box!

Chase on-card rookie autographs in College Material Signatures, College Silhouette Signatures and Team Logos!

Super-premium Bowl, Conference, and Championship Logo patches can be found in College Silhouette Signatures, Rookie Silhouette Signature and Combo Player Signature Booklets!

A staple in National Treasures Collegiate Football, College Material Signatures features crisp on-card autographs paired with a oversized prime swatches from this year's top rookies!

Look for autographs coupled with memorabilia swatches from the college football greats of today and yesterday in Materials Signatures!


COLLEGE MATERIAL SIGNATURES: College Material Signatures features crisp on-card autographs, paired with a oversized prime swatches from this year's top rookies!

 2018 National Treasures has a 25-card Base set #'d/99 with the following parallels:

- Century Silver - #'d/49
- Century Red - #'d/25
- Century Gold - #'d/10
- Century Emerald - #'d/5
- Century Black - #'d 1/1

NOTABLE NICKNAMES: Notable Nicknames features on-card autographs and inscriptions from college football greats!

TEAM LOGO SHIELDS: Team Logo Shield Signatures features an autograph along with his team's shield logo from this year's incoming rookie class!

NATIONAL TREASURED CUTS: Find classic cut signatures from College and Pro Football Hall of Famers National Treasured Cuts!

MATERIALS SIGNATURES: Look for autographs coupled with memorabilia swatches from the college football greats of today and yesterday!

COMBO PLAYER SIGNATURE BOOKLETS: Find your stars in Combo Player Signature Booklet, featuring a booklet that combines an autograph with a jumbo swatch!

COLLEGE SILHOUETTE SIGNATURES: Look for 2018 rookies in College Silhouette Signatures, which features an on-card autograph with oversized prime material and patches.

DUAL SIGNATURES: Dual Signatures features autographs from two college football greats connected by their alma maters!

1 Pack Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack



The customer will receive all cards with their team name printed on the main image of the card from that particular team. In the event of card being a hit containing 2 or more players from different teams, Random.org will be used to randomize that card between the associated teams!

In the event of a player being in an All-Star/Pro Bowl/ Collegiate  uniform or All-Star/Pro Bowl team/Collegiate printed as the team on the card, the card will be given to the team that the player currently plays for at that point in time. 

If that player is retired, that card will be given to the team he played for the longest.

Any card that has two players on it that is NOT NUMBERED will go to the breaker who owns the team represented by the player on the left.

A card that IS NUMBERED with multiple players on it will be randomized between the breakers who bought each team represented on the card.

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