#6 - Luminance 6 Box Half Case PYT Break (12/7 Break)

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**BENGALS, DOLPHINS AND CHARGERS will be final filler teams, unavailable to be purchased below**

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    Configuration: 4 packs per box. 10 cards per pack.
    - Luminance football is back, showcasing full-bleed action photography and loaded with parallels and inserts of all the top stars and rookies the NFL has to offer.
    - Chase some of the first cards of the hottest, new rookies from the 2020 NFL Draft.
    - Look for rookie on-card autographs in Year One Signatures, these parallel to Red Ink, Green Ink and Purple Ink (max /5).
    - Look for ultra-rare case hit inserts, which include Jersey Swap, Shinning Stars, Rising, Jubliee and Moments.
    - New to Luminance in 2020: Look for a deeper on-card rookie autograph checklist than ever before.

    Find stunning full-bleed action photography with Base Luminance, which parallels to Gold (#’d /275), Blue (#’d /99), Green (#’d /49), Orange (#’d /25), Red (#’d /10), Pink (#’d /5) and Platinum (#’d 1/1).

    Look for some of the fi rst offi cially licensed trading cards of the top NFL prospects falling 4 per box on average. These parallel to Gold (#’d /275), Blue (#’d /99), Green (#’d /49), Orange (#’d /25), Red (#’d /10), Pink (#’d /5) and Platinum (#’d 1/1).

    Search for new inserts in 2019, including Luminary that parallels to Orange (#’d /100) and Platinum (#’d 1/1).

    Look for limited number of memorabilia cards falling 1 per box on average. Memorabilia cards include Bright Beginnings, Jumbo and Vintage Materials.

    Find rare oversized memorabilia cards in Jumbo, which parallels to Prime Gold (max #’d /49), Red (max #’d /25) and Platinum (#’d 1/1).

    New to 2019 the Lightspeed insert showcases some of the fastest players in the NFL and parallels to Orange (#’d /100) and Platinum (#’d 1/1).

    Spotlight Signatures captures some of the best players in the NFL with dazzling action photography.

    Look for some of the first on-card rookie autographs from the best players selected in the 2019 NFL Draft. Chase limited variations signed in gold and blue ink.

    New in 2019 fi nd Draft Day Dual Signatures, which features 2 on-card autographs of the best rising stars the NFL has to offer.

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