#6 - National Treasures Collegiate LEFT SIDE SERIAL NUMBER BREAK

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What Ships?

  • All cards ship


  • $19 per spot
  • 100 spots
  • Each spot gets a number 1-99
  • The 100th spot is for the REDEMPTION + CARDS NUMBERED 100 or OVER
    • this means any redemption pulled, goes to this person no matter what 
  • after we randmize all 100 spots, whichever number you land next to is yous
  • if you land on 45
    • you get any cards with the whole number 45 on the left side of the slash
    • 45/50...45/55...45/75...45/80...45/90
  • if you land on 1
    • you get 1/1...1/5...1/10...1/15...1/20...
  • if you land on the redemption + cards numbered 100 or more...
    • any redemption is yours
    • any cards numbered 100 or over are yours also
      • 100/112...101/112...105/112..etc


ach Box of 2019 Panini National Treasures Collegiate Football contains Six Autographs and/or Memorabilia Cards, One Base Card or Parallel, and One additional card!

National Treasures Collegiate Football returns for 2019, featuring the top players from the 2019 NFL Draft in their college uniforms! Look for Rookie Cards of Kyler Murray, Nick Bosa, Daniel Jones, T.J. Hockenson, Dwayne Haskins, Josh Jacobs, Marquise Brown, Deebo Samuel, A.J. Brown, D,K, Metcalf, Will Grier, and many more!

National Treasures Collegiate Football has a 50-card Base Set numbered to 99. Find parallels of the Base Set, including Century Silver numbered to 49, Century Red numbered to 25, Century Gold numbered to 10, Century Emerald numbered to 5, and Century Black numbered one of one!

The National Treasures brand is synonymous with Memorabilia and Autographs, and this year's Collegiate Football offering is no different. College Material Signatures feature On-Card Autographs along with big prime swatches from the top rookies. Expect crisp on-card signatures paired with multi-color prime swatches from a given players college uniform!

It wouldn't be National Treasures without the Laundry Tags! Collect Laundry Tag Dual Brand Logo, a 10-card set highlighting two teammates along with their college jersey Brand Logos!

Material Signatures takes current and former NFL stars and pairs their autograph with their respective college uniforms and images. Team Logos offers Autographs from this year's top draft choices on cards that prominently feature their college team logo's!

Find Dual Signatures that feature Autographs from two college football greats that played at the same alma mater! Collge Silhouette Signatures feature 2019 Rookies with an On-Card Autograph paired with Oversized Prime Material and Patches!

Finally, National Treasures offers Combo Player Signature Booklets! Featuring 2019 Rookies, these booklet cards include an Autograph and a Jumbo Swatch!


BASE: 2019 National Treasures has a 50-card Base set #'d/99 with the following parallels:

- Century Silver - #'d/49
- Century Red - #'d/25
- Century Gold - #'d/10
- Century Emerald - #'d/5
- Century Black - #'d 1/1

COLLEGE MATERIAL SIGNATURES: College Material Signatures features crisp on-card autographs, paired with a oversized prime swatches from this year's top rookies!

NOTABLE NICKNAMES: Notable Nicknames features on-card autographs and inscriptions from some of the best to do it at the collegiate level!

LAUNDRY TAG DUAL BRAND LOGO: Featured in the 10-card set are a pair of teammates coupled with Brand Logos, creating a truly one-of-a-kind card!

MATERIALS SIGNATURES: The checklist for Materials Signatures is littered with current and former NFL stars paired with swatches of collegiate materials and autographs!

TEAM LOGOS: In Team Logos, you'll find this autographs from this season's top NFL Draft talent on cards that prominently feature their almuni's logo.

COMBO PLAYER SIGNATURE BOOKLETS: Find your stars in Combo Player Signature Booklet, featuring a booklet that combines an autograph with a jumbo swatch!

COLLEGE SILHOUETTE SIGNATURES: Look for 2019 rookies in College Silhouette Signatures, which features an on-card autograph with oversized prime material and patches.

DUAL SIGNATURES: Dual Signatures features autographs from two college football greats connected by their alma maters!

4 Boxes Per Case, 1 Pack Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack


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