#6 - PYT Certified NFL 12 Box Case Break

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*CARDINALS, GIANTS and REDSKINS will be final filler teams, unavailable to be purchased below**

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    2019 Panini Certified Football Hobby 12-Box Case

    Each Box contains Four Autographs or Memorabilia Cards!

    Find One Freshman Fabrics Signature and Two Rookies or Rookies Parallels Per Box!

    Certified Football is back in 2019 with more incredible hits and great patches.

    Find Rookie Patch autographs of the 2019 NFL rookies in Freshman Fabric Signatures. Cards feature jumbo swatches with short-print parallels and NFL Shields!

    New for 2019, look for Rookie Signatures Mirror Etch, Raise the Banner, Established Autographs, and Superb Swatches.

    Chase veteran, oversized-patch autograph cards in Fabric of the Game Signatures. Look for prime and super-prime versions!



    - Mirror - #'d/450
    - Mirror Orange - #'d/199
    - Mirror Red - #'d/99
    - Mirror Blue - #'d/50
    - Mirror Teal = #'d/35
    - Mirror Gold - #'d/25
    - Mirror Purple - #'d/10
    - Mirror Green - #'d/5
    - Mirror Black - one-of-one


    - Rookies - #'d/399
    - Rookies Mirror - #'d/299
    - Rookies Mirror Orange - #'d/199
    - Rookies Mirror Red - #'d/99
    - Rookies Mirror Blue - #'d/50
    - Rookies Mirror Teal - #'d/35
    - Rookies Mirror Gold - #'d/25
    - Rookies Mirror Purple - #'d/10
    - Rookies Mirror Green - #'d/5
    - Rookies Mirror Black - one-of-one

    FRESHMAN FABRIC MIRROR GREEN SIGNATURES: Look for one Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures per box, on average with team logos, nameplates, and one-of-one NFL shields from the 2019 rookie class!

    - Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures - max #'d/499
    - Freshman Fabric Mirror Orange Signatures - max #'d/299
    - Freshman Fabric Mirror Red Signatures - max #'d/199
    - Freshman Fabric Mirror Blue Signatures - max #'d/99
    - Freshman Fabric Mirror Teal Signatures - #'d/35
    - Freshman Fabric Mirror Gold Signatures - #'d/25
    - Freshman Fabric Mirror Purple Signatures - #'d/10
    - Freshman Fabric Mirror Green Signatures - #'d/5
    - Freshman Fabric Mirror Black Signatures - one-of-one

    FABRIC OF THE GAME SIGNATURES PRIME: Chase veteran, oversized-patch autograph cards in Fabric of the Game Signatures. Look for the new Super Prime parallel!

    - Fabric of the Game Signatures - max #'d/199
    - Fabric of the Game Signatures Prime - max #'d/50
    - Fabric of the Game Signatures Super Prime - one-of-one

    ESTABLISHED AUTOGRAPHS: Established in 2019, this autograph set features established NFL stars!

    - Established Autographs - max #'d/99
    - Established Autographs Mirror Teal - max #'d/35
    - Established Autographs Mirror Gold - max #'d/25
    - Established Autographs Mirror Purple - max #'d/10
    - Established Autographs Mirror Green - #'d/5
    - Established Autographs Mirror Black - one-of-one

    ROOKIE SIGNATURES MIRROR GOLD ETCH: New for 2019 these micro-etched rookie autographs are all #'d/25 or less!

    - Rookie Signatures Mirror Etch - #'d/25
    - Rookie Signatures Mirror Gold Etch - #'d/10
    - Rookie Signatures Mirror Purple Etch - #'d/5
    - Rookie Signatures Mirror Green Etch - #'d/3
    - Rookie Signatures Mirror Black Etch - one-of-one

    MIRROR SIGNATURES BLUE: With a deep 100-card checklist, this autograph set will have a player to collect for everyone!

    - Mirror Signatures - max #'d/99
    - Mirror Signatures Red - max #'d/75
    - Mirror Signatures Blue - max #'d/50
    - Mirror Signatures Teal - max #'d/35
    - Mirror Signatures Gold - max #'d/25
    - Mirror Signatures Purple - max #'d/10
    - Mirror Signatures Green - max #'d/5
    - Mirror Signatures Black - one-of-one

    NEW GENERATION JERSEYS MIRROR: Every year a New Generation of rookies fill out this oversized memorabilia card checklist. Look for prime, team logo and laundry tag versions!

    - New Generation Jerseys Mirror - not #'d
    - New Generation Jerseys Mirror Orange - max #'d/299
    - New Generation Jerseys Mirror Red - max #'d/199
    - New Generation Jerseys Mirror Blue - max #'d/99
    - New Generation Jerseys Mirror Teal - #'d/35
    - New Generation Jerseys Mirror Gold - #'d/25
    - New Generation Jerseys Mirror Purple - #'d/10
    - New Generation Jerseys Mirror Green - #'d/5
    - New Generation Jerseys Mirror Black - one-of-one

    GOLD TEAM MIRROR SIGNATURES GOLD ETCH: Find the top past and present players in this micro-etched autograph version of Gold Team.

    - Gold Team Mirror Signatures Gold Etch - max #'d/10
    - Gold Team Mirror Signatures Black Etch - one-of-one

    12 Boxes Per Case, 10 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack



    The customer will receive all cards with their team name printed on the main image of the card from that particular team. In the event of card being a hit containing 2 or more players from different teams, Random.org will be used to randomize that card between the associated teams!

    In the event of a player being in an All-Star/Pro Bowl/ Collegiate  uniform or All-Star/Pro Bowl team/Collegiate printed as the team on the card, the breaker will look on groupbreakchecklist.com to find out which team that player belongs to.  If that player is not on groupbreakchecklist.com then we will go by longest tenured team that player was on.

    Any card that has two players on it that is NOT NUMBERED will go to the breaker who owns the team represented by the player on the left.

    A card that IS NUMBERED with multiple players on it will be randomized between the breakers who bought each team represented on the card.

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    • After you pay $10, for each break after the initial $10 is paid, if you want those cards in the next shipment you must pay an additional $2.50

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