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2019 Panini XR Football Hobby Box

**This is a personal break.  This means that upon purchase, this box will be opened live on Instagram during our afternoon hour.

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  • Personal Break Times: 1pm-5:30pm Eastern
  • Will be with D Bo

2019 Panini XR Football Hobby Box

Each Box of 2019 Panini XR Football contains Two Autographs, One Memorabilia Card, and Four Parallels!

One of your autographs is guaranteed to be a Rookie Autograph Jersey and the other will be either a rookie, veteran, or retired autograph. Each box will also include One Jumbo Swatch or Triple Swatch Jersey Card, One Insert, Four Parallels, Four Base, and Two Rookies.

The Rookie focused XR brand returns for 2019!

Find the all-new Rookie Xcellence Autograph Swatches insert, featuring Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, Daniel Jones, Nick Bosa, Josh Jacobs and DJ Metcalf!

Find some the most unique one-of-one patch autos of the 2019 season. Find autographs that feature pieces from NFL Shields, Nike patches, team logos, draft hats, shoes, gloves and footballs.

Search for 1/1 NFL Shields of some of the top players in the NFL!

Find new inserts in Rookie Xcellence Patch Autographs, Rookie XL Swatch Autographs, Rookie XL Materials and X-Ponential Potential!



BASE: The XR Base set is one of the best looking sets of the year and features a sleek, dull holographic card stock.

- Base Red- #'d/299
- Base Blue- #'d/199
- Base Orange- #'d/99
- Base Gold- #'d/10
- Base Green- #'d/5
- Base Black-#'d One-of-One
- Base Printing Plates- #'d One-of-One

ROOKIE SWATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Find a plethora of one-of-one parallels stemming from 2019 XR Football including the Rookie Swatch Autographs set!

- Rookie Swatch Autographs Red- #'d/199
- Rookie Swatch Autographs Blue- #'d/75
- Rookie Swatch Autographs Orange- #'d/49
- Rookie Swatch Autographs Gold- #'d/25
- Rookie Swatch Autographs Green- #'d/10
- Rookie Swatch Autographs - 11 different one-of-one versions

ROOKIES GREEN: 2019 will feature more Rookie Base cards than ever before. Collect all 100 Rookies!

- Rookies Red- #'d/299
- Rookies Blue- #'d/199
- Rookies Orange- #'d/99
- Rookies Gold- #'d/10
- Rookies Green- #'d/5
- Rookies Black-#'d One-of-One
- Rookies Printing Plates- #'d One-of-One

ROOKIE TRIPLE SWATCH AUTOGRAPHS LAUNDRY TAG NFL SHIELD: Find numerous triple swatch combinations to deliver even more amazing One-of-Ones!

- Rookie Triple Swatch Autographs Red- #'d/75
- Rookie Triple Swatch Autographs Blue- #'d/49
- Rookie Triple Swatch Autographs Orange-#'d/25
- Rookie Triple Swatch Autographs Gold-#'d/10
- Rookie Triple Swatch Autographs Green-#'d/5
- Rookie Triple Swatch Autographs - 12 different one-of-one versions

ROOKIE XCELLENCE AUTOGRAPH SWATCHES GOLD: The new Rookie Excellence set is designed with a unique X-cut swatch window on a horizontal card. Find the top 2019 Rookies with the following parallels:

- Rookie Xcellence Autograph Swatches Gold- #'d/25
- Rookie Xcellence Autograph Swatches Green- #'d/5
- Rookie Xcellence Autographs Swatches Tag- #'d one-of-one
- Rookie Xcellence Autographs Super Prime- #'d one-of one
- Rookie Xcellence Autographs Printing Plates - #'d one-of-one

ACCLAIMED AUTOGRAPHS: Collect some of the leagues most celebrated athletes in Acclaimed Autographs!

- Acclaimed Autographs Gold- #'/10
- Acclaimed Autographs Black- #'d One-of-One

NFL SHIELDS: Find a strong mix of veterans in this true One-of-One NFL Shields set!

ROOKIE XL SWATCH AUTOGRAPHS TEAM LOGO: Rookie XL Swatch Autographs are just that - Xtra Large! Find over-sized swatches paired with an autograph along with numerous variations to chase!

- Rookie XL Swatch Autographs Red- #'d/75
- Rookie XL Swatch Autographs Blue- #'d/49
- Rookie XL Swatch Autographs Orange- #'d/25
- Rookie XL Swatch Autographs Gold- #'d/10
- Rookie XL Swatch Autographs Green- #'d/5
- Rookie XL Swatch Autographs - 12 different one-of-one versions

LUMINOUS ENDORSEMENTS BLUE: Luminous Endorsements features 40 of the top 2019 rookies with a stunning acetate autograph! Find multiple photography angles, highlighting the background of each autograph.

- Luminous Endorsements Blue- #'d/49
- Luminous Endorsements Orange- #'d/25
- Luminous Endorsements Gold- #'d/10
- Luminous Endorsements Green- #'d/5
- Luminous Endorsements Black- #'d/1


2 Packs Per Box, 7 Cards Per Pack